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Good Hope Land & Timber Management

We are a high volume producer of quality saw timber and pulpwood for most mills within our region as well as for other areas of interest.

We are buyers of all standing timber or standing forest products. Our products are sent to mills throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas, with our areas of operation stretching from Arkansas to South Louisiana.

We supply merchants through our timber merchandising services, delivering a variety of wood separated by species. The Good Hope teams are equipped to handle jobs in all types of timber, including pine timber and pine thinning. Barge operations are also available for timber in areas accessible only by water.

Our crews and registered foresters are experienced in managing all types of land and/or timber projects. Because we are the No. 1 volume producers of hardwood and pine sawtimber along with pulpwood, we can pay top dollars for your timber, with a wide variety of options for the landowner

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Good Hope Land and Timber

  Vidal Davis - President, CEO

B. S. In Business Administration - University of Southern Mississippi. In the real estate business since 1982, with a focus on purchase, sale, and development of commercial real estate.

Cell: 601-807-9888

 Conner House - Vice President, Secretary, COO

B. S. In Forestry Management - Louisiana State University. Member of Mississippi Forestry Association.

Cell: 601-807-1122