Land and Timber – Purchasing and Management

Good Hope is a buyer of all standing timber and forest products. Our products are delivered to mills throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. With an annual capacity of approximately 3 million tons, we are a high volume producer of sawtimber and pulpwood for most mills within our region.

Regionally, we are the number one volume producers of hardwood and pine. We pay top dollar for standing timber, with a wide variety of options for the landowner.

Pine and Hardwood Plantation Thinning

PinePine and Hardwood plantation thinning is necessary to promote overall growth and health of the forest. Thinning is a great way to capture the financial value of merchantable timber while still promoting diversity in the wildlife habitat. Un-thinned pine stands are susceptible to pine beetle attacks and severely stunted growth rate. Good Hope has logging contractors with many years of experience to achieve your goals. Whether it is a pine stand in higher elevations or hardwood plantation in the Mississippi River Delta Basin, Good Hope has the capabilities to meet your needs.

Development Harvesting

Good Hope has experience in working with economic development contractors to harvest timber on future development sights. Typically, a development harvest recovers the higher value timber while leaving some trees for aesthetics. This can be done by either cutting every tree with a certain sized stump, or marking the trees to be cut with paint.

Island and Barging Services

Cottonport Hardwoods, LLC, our sister company, has extensive barge harvesting operations along the Mississippi River counties. This enables owners to produce revenue on hard to reach areas, such as islands and areas cut off by other sloughs and rivers. This service entails harvesting the wood and hauling it to a main yard, then rehauling it to the mills with contract trucks.

In Woods Chipping

Good Hope has the ability to setup or contract with chipping crews to chip wood on site. Furthermore, we have the ability to screen chips to meet certain specifications for the burgeoning wood pellet business. Whatever type or specific size is needed, we can get the job done.

Mill and Woodyard Cleanup

Good Hope recently added mill and woodyard cleanup to our list of extensive services. We have the ability to screen waste piles and remove metal and foreign objects so the residuals can be used as fuel or chips. Good Hope can mobilize to any site and be fully functional within a few days, helping to accomplish your goals of maintaining a clean and safe mill or yard.

Woodyard Storage

Good Hope has access to remote yards for short and long term storage. Watering systems are available to preserve wood for future use. This allows us to consolidate trucking costs, and reduce freight prices. Reducing freight prices in this way helps to keep costs more predictable.