Land & Timber Management FAQs

What Should Be Done With My Timber?

How to manage your timber depends on the type. Pine plantations are managed differently than hardwood stands. An onsite visit with one of our foresters is the best way to determine the right course of action. Find your local forester today.

How Small of a Tract Can You Harvest?

It depends. Typically we like to have a minimum of 40 acres per tract: however, we can cut smaller ones if they are close to other tracts we already have bought. Another scenario that works is if you and a neighbor each have 20 acres or more and sell together. 

Contact us today about your tract.

Do You Do First Thinning?

We do all types of timber harvesting. To determine what type of harvest you need, contact us, so one of our professional foresters can get more information about your timber and what you want to get from using a land and timber management company.

What Are Timber Prices Right Now?

To determine prices, we will have to do an onsite visit to assess your product mix and distance to markets. Find your local forester, so they come out and estimate your timber’s value.

Is Now a Good Time to Cut Timber?

The answer, in a nutshell, is yes. There are always products that are in higher demand than others which means there are always products that are more valuable than others. The key is having professional foresters that know your timber and can advise you when you have products that the market wants. These markets can be very local and weather-driven. 

Contact one of our foresters to find out the value of the products you have.

How Do I Prepare for a New Mill Coming to My Area?

To prepare for a new mill coming to your area, contact your local forester to find out if you have the product mix that the new mill will be looking for.

Does Good Hope Replant After Harvesting?

Good Hope does not replant; however, our foresters can recommend professional contractors to fill your needs.

Does Good Hope Do Timber Tax Basis?

Good Hope can help you calculate timber tax basis; however, we are not tax professionals, and you should consult with your CPA.

How Do I Know if My Timber Is Ready to Be Cut?

Without seeing your timber stand in person, it’s impossible to know if it’s ready to be cut.

Find your local forester today to find out if your stand is ready for harvest.

What if I Already Have a Consultant?

Good Hope is willing to work with whomever you choose to manage your timber. 

Contact Us today.