Mississippi Signs Shared Stewardship Agreement to Improve Forest Conditions

Publish Date: April 14, 2023

Estimated Time: 2 min read

On January 13, 2021, the USDA, the US Department of the Interior, and the State of Mississippi signed a shared stewardship agreement to improve the forest conditions throughout Mississippi. The goal of the agreement was to further common interests and effectively respond to increasing ecological challenges and natural resource concerns across the state.

What is a Shared Stewardship Agreement?

Shared stewardship encourages organizations to come together to achieve a common goal of protecting forests and watersheds. 

Counties, jurisdictions, and states often implement them to promote coordination amongst larger groups to promote more efficient changes.

How Does a Shared Stewardship Agreement Work?

As mentioned above, shared stewardship agreements promote collaborative efforts amongst larger areas. Any size organization or department that oversees a jurisdiction can team up to encourage positive change in forested areas and waterways.

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